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Face detection & recognition

We tailor the combination of our vision systems, edge devices, and custom machine learning algorithms to power your specific application.

Accelerated detection & recognition with edge computing
Low power systems with hands-off maintenance
Highly integratable with minimal footprint
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Smart parking & license plate recognition

We enable smart parking security, monitoring, management, and control, with AI algorithms and advanced vision systems. 

High recognition accuracy at 98%
Support for many different distances and fields of view 
Solar-based and battery operated with easy installation 
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3D measurment

We bring our passive stereo camera with proprietary 3D calculation algorithms to eliminate the need for lasers and LEDS, as well as minimum-range limitations.

High accuracy at up to 1:1000
Multi-sensor connectivity with up to six cameras
Reduced production costs
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Depth sensing & 3D stereo vision

Leverage accurate 3D image creation, ideal for robotics, health care, AR/VR, and more, with data generation for multiple applications, such as object reconstruction, environment sensing, and more.

Edge and multi-sensor computing for real-time operation
Low latency for accelerated response times
Minimum power consumption for battery operated applications
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AI processing on the edge

Get custom machine learning for computer vision and  low power applications that support smart cities, security, smart vehicles, industrial machine inspection, quality control, and more.

Reduced costs with simplified SoC
High performance with minimal footprint
Option for battery operation
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ISP tuning

In-house image quality tuning and testing with sensor characterization and calibration, for a wide variety of sensors, platforms, and applications.

Eliminates the need for external ISP lab
Simplifies new sensor integration
Accelerates development and time to market
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