NU4000 SOM

IMDT's NU4000 SOM is based on Inuitive NU4000 vision-on-chip processor, the first generation of the NU4X00 series of products and is ideal for robotics, drones, VR, and edge-AI applications that demand multiple sensor aggregation, processing, packing, and streaming. It is specifically designed for robots and other applications that must sense and analyze the environment using three, six, or more cameras, as they make real-time actionable decisions based on that input.

Core benefits

Small form factor
High throughput
Low cost
Low power
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3 Vector Cores with 500 Giga OPS capacity
Dedicated CNN processor; 2 Terra OPS
Powerful CPU Cores > 13,000 CoreMark
Depth processing engine, video throughput of 120Mp/s, supports multiple stereo and structured light streams simultaneously
Time-Warp HW engine that reduces the latency to 1ms for 2 displays of 2K x 2K @ 90fps for VR/MR use cases
Real time processing capable of synchronizing, time-stamping and process inputs from multiple sensors to serve as a smart sensor hub
More than 3MB of SLAM on-chip for servicing the vision cores
High throughput LPDDR4 interface for reducing external memory access bottlenecks
Support 6 camera sensors via extension board
Low power 12nm silicon process
SLAM engine that enables highly accurate key points extraction at 120fps from two cameras simultaneously
  • CPU | Inuitive’s NU4000 vision-on-chip processor
  • Memories | LPDDR4 32-bit^^Optional NOR flash^^
  • Connectivity | 1 x USB-3.1, type C connector
  • Camera | 6 x MIPI CSI, 2-lanes
  • Power | Single input supply: 3.5v-5.5v
  • Connectors | Connection to cameras via two 51-pin^^FFC connectors^^
  • Dimensions | 82 x 20 x 5.8mm

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