NU4100 SOM

IMDT's NU4100 SOM is based on the Inuitive NU4100 vision-on-chip processor and introduces to the market unparalleled imaging, vision, and AI computing capabilities, exceeding a total of 8 TeraOPS. It features an optimized Embedded Vision architecture that effectively combines a set of computing blocks, establishing it as the most powerful vision processor available to date.

Core benefits

Small form factor
High throughput
Low cost
Low power
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2 Vector Cores with 350 GigaOPS, supporting floating and fixed-point operations
Dedicated CNN processor; 2 Terra OPS
3.2 TeraOPS for AI/CNN, supports large-scale deep neural networks at high frame rate (e.g. Yolo-V3 at 35 fps)
Dual ISP for 2 x 4K @ 60fps
Real time processing capable of synchronizing, time-stamping and process inputs from multiple sensors to serve as a smart sensor hub
Secured Boot
Over 4MB SRAM on-chip for vision cores
  • CPU | Inuitive’s NU4100 vision-on-chip processor
  • Memories | LPDDR4 32-bit^^Optional NOR flash^^
  • Connectivity | 1 x USB-3.1, type C connector^^
  • Camera | 6 x MIPI CSI, 2-lanes^^
  • Power | Single input supply: 3.5v-5.5v
  • Connectors | Connection to cameras via two 51-pin^^FFC connectors^^
  • Dimensions | 82 x 20 x 5.8mm

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