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Turn ideas & inspiration into cutting-edge technology products

We solve complex design, development, & manufacturing challenges, so you can take your AI-powered vision-on-the-edge innovations to market faster, smarter, and more efficiently

This is how we do it

Develop products you never thought possible

with SOMs, carriers, and cameras that simplify and accelerate the development of AI-powered and edge-computing vision systems
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Take your innovations to design, development, & manufacturing 

with tailored end-to-end solutions that transform technology aspirations into products that exceed customer expectations 
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We make your inventions a reality

IMDT is here to help you make the challenge of rigid SOMs, costly customizations, long development cycles, and limited access to a broad set of technology expertise a thing of the past.
About IMDT

With IMDT no challenge is too complex

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All the parts work together all at once

Need a vision system with any number of cameras, devices, and sensors that communicate simultaneously? We have you covered.
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Your technology need is our expertise

Whether it’s 3D computer vision, multi-sensor applications, robotics, depth sensing, you name it, we’ll help you get it built and manufactured right.
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Go faster and
smarter with less

If you need your applications to run sophisticated algorithms on minimized, power and cost-efficient systems, we’ll make it happen.
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Comprehensive knowhow for end-to-end solutions

We bring expertise in hardware, software, vision, AI, and more, along with deep design and manufacturing experience for bringing ideas to life.
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Our partnerships
mean your success

Extensive collaborations with the world’s leading OEMs, means unmatched knowhow in maximizing the functionality and performance of your products.
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Meet your most
strategic KPIs

Reduce the cost to develop and manufacture, accelerate product time to market, simplify production, and optimize performance.

IMDT products

Flexibility in innovation.

The IMDT product offering is comprised of SOMs and SBCs for leading platforms, including NXP, Inuitive, Qualcomm, and Renesas, as well as other devices, such as the IMDT camera.

These products simplify and accelerate the development of vision and AI-powered systems, requiring minimum power while maximizing cost efficiency.

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