Measuring just 37 x 30 x 4mm, is a production-ready, pre-certified (CE, FCC, ROHS) module powered by the 4nm, premium-tier Qualcomm QCS8550 processor.

Core benefits

Small form factor
Complete solution including HW&SW
Flexible & modular platform
Advanced Security
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Qualcomm Kryo central processing unit (CPU), X1.5 compute power
Qualcomm Adreno GPU, X3 performance
Multiple display interface
8th-generation Qualcomm AI Engine, X10 performance
Qualcomm Spectra 18-bit triple cognitive image signal processor (ISP)
Multiple camera pipelines for high-end imaging
Enterprise-grade security capability - Trust Management Engine and Qualcomm Type-1 Hypervisor
  • CPU | QCS-8550-1-Ax, 6/8 CPU cores, GPU, V73 AI processor^^
  • Memories | 3750MHz LPDDR5X, 8GB/12GB^^UFS 3.1/4.0, 128/256GB
  • Connectivity | USB3.1 gen2 10Gbps (DP+data) Type-C^^2 x 4-Lane PCIe (1xGen3, 1xGen4)^^2 x SDC (4-bits)^^
  • Camera | 8 x 4-lane MIPI CSI interface for cameras, max 20 x cameras^^ISP – Qualcomm spectra
  • Display | 2 x 4-lane DSI, with touch I/F
  • Audio | 2 x Soundwire^^ 2 x I2S^^ 2 x PDM
  • Control I/Fs | 10 x I2C (10 I2C hubs)^^ 2 x I3C^^ 4 x SPI^^ 4 x UART^^ GPIOs
  • Power | Single power input^^ Integrated PMICs^^ 1.8v,1.2v outputs
  • Mounting | 504-pin BGA, 0.6mm pitch, for SMT assembly
  • Dimensions | 37 x 30 x 4mm

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